Saturday, 6 June 2009

Why, why, why when you try really hard not to say/do something you simply must....

I had a challenging night last night, trying to not say anything silly, drink too much, eat too many crisps, or laugh too loud. Think I failed on the first and last accounts. Particularly the first, or at least I said more than everyone else!

It was the first night of the school community book club, and I think just a bit too tricky for me. I also, embarrassingly have to keep calling some teachers by their formal names, e.g. Mrs. And to top, it all, after my local issue with semi-skimmed milk in the community centre I now seem to be known as an outspoken person.

So not good - worse than the time I met my friends' girlfriend who was called Flick. And I asked her if she'd been to the flicks lately, then when she complained about lemon in her drink I suggested she simply flick it out.

Bugger, and going to spend rest of month sitting in house as penance. What with that and not relaxing people will start to talk....

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