Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Where there is muck there is brass....

I've tried them all; organic veggie schemes, local council run veggie schemes, local farm ones, markets, supermarkets, (trying) to grown our own but nothing so far beats a good organic vegetable box. I almost feel guilty saying it, as it is not particularly frugal, although I would assert that if you eat well you eat less junk, hence spending less money.

I need the organic vegetables though, and so I've just re-started my second favourite delivery company to bring them to me please. Lovely seasonal fresh organic mixed box will be winging its way down the A21, yes I know road miles, this week and I can't wait.

I've gone with Abel and Cole, because although they have added a 99p delivery charge which is annoying they've got what seems to be a really good special offer. Of course I may be missing the small print, but no, it is good. Spend £15 on a regular delivery for four weeks in a row; i.e total cost £60 and lots of vegetables, then get £50 credited to your account to spend as you choose.
Got to be good. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out; http://www.abelandcole.co.uk/

Can't wait - am thinking wraps, and big salad with broad beans, and maybe a potato salad with spring onions, and um, just vegetables really.

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smilernpb said...

That is a great offer.

But sadly they do not deliver in my area :o(

I definately think it would encourage me to use all the stuff if it got delivered like that. Yummy.

The fruit baskets look heavenly!