Wednesday, 17 June 2009

It's the start of something special, and round...

It is very um, 'rustic' in style, as we did not do too well at flattening the ground. And the other lovely thing about the patio is it is not overlooked so I can jump up and down, sit on the ground, do exercise all in peace.

And the very loveliest thing is all the slabs were given to us; the fab round pattern by one friend and the square ones by another friend. Sand and hard work were me and Mat. We even got whole bits of turf out which was amazing. We're trying to grow them on in other parts of our garden, need a bit more rain though.

Anyway -thanks lovely friends. We're very keen on our space. And will be filling it with lovely things soon.


Steerforth said...

I like the sound of your friends!

I'll keep checking Google Earth to see it from space.

tattyhousehastings said...

They are lovely indeed, one is actually Richard - so you virtually know him!
The google street van has visited us now - so Hastings will be modern, kinda.