Monday, 8 June 2009

When we were on our festival holidays...

Slightly tribal children, with big stick people thingys and Auntie Jules...oh and face painted to boot. We were just waiting to parade around the site with a band of drummers wearing pink, and some in tutu's much to J's delight and astonishment...(bless, she's a country girl).

Part of the Box of Dreams series...with her inspiration.

Again, part of the Box of Dreams workshop, this one was done by a young girl, and despite appearances was all about loveliness not at all macabre.

The whole Box of Dreams workshop, full of tiny bits, and dangly things, and boxes, and flowers.
It was aimed at adults, I think, but was a fantastic proper mix of young and old. I even took my own chair to sit on.


piper said...

What a lovely pic of you all! xxx Piper

tattyhousehastings said...

It is lovely - but fraid that is not is my friend Jules, who is younger, and better looking.