Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My world has been can it ever be the same again?

I read somewhere this week that perfect coffee, when made in a cafetiere, is achieved by plunging the minute the water is added. I've never done this, and for the last twenty years of coffee making have waited an unspecified number of minutes to plunge. What if this is all true, and I've wasted yet hours upon hours of my life waiting for the plunge so to speak?

I don't dare google this and find out the truth, in my world it is not true. And I think, that of everyone I know/have known in last twenty years as have never seen an immediate plunger.

Oh, what to do?


Why Me? said...

Buy instant!

Or get one of those really fancy machines where all you do is add the beans and it does the rest, though you'd probably need to re-mortgage in order to get one as they are so very very expensive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the lovely swap items! They arrived yesterday, and I love them - especially the book, and the shells (oh, especially the shells). :) And what a lovely postcard and smelly sachet :) I haven't posted yours yet - I was packing it up and realised I wanted to slip in one last thing, but won't be able to do that until Saturday, so will send off on Monday all being well. Sorry for the long wait...hope you like everything when you do get it, eventually :)

xx Mara

tattyhousehastings said...

You're very welcome...and of course it is ok!!

Sandra Morris said...

This sounds like bunkum. How can the coffee circulate and percolate properly in the cafetiere if it's compressed under the plunger?

I've had cafetiere coffee in some quite swish establishments and the plunger is never plunged.

It might be worth trying a controlled experiment to see which you prefer, plunged immediately, or unplunged indefinitely......