Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bill the Baby comes home...

He's there in his top den; a real live sleeping baby hamster. Now you might ask where this came from, as last blog about animals, in fact possibly last conversation was about the fake hamsters which are much desired. Well on Sunday night a very kind freecycler offered this cage; as her hamster was a bit chubby for the tubes. And I said to M that we'd get it and hide it away in the loft for a year or so until the children were old enough to look after their own pet.

Of course come Monday morning I couldn't resist telling them about it, and just having a little look at hamsters and their accessories and requirements. The little look involved a trip to a pet shop, where worryingly all hamsters were nine weeks old. I'm hating any thought about what happens to ones that don't sell - although to be fair the lovely assistant told us she'd adopted one with a hurt leg that could not be sold, and they did have a little adoption centre. But still frozen hamsters!

Anyway - we had a little look, and fell in love with one. The timing was crucial; as you buy them in a little cardboard box, then transfer them straight to the cage when home. Luckily we managed to buy little Bill; pop her in a double cardboard box, get all her accessories and on the way home pick up the cage. Trouble is, about ten minutes in to the short journey she'd chewed through the first box and was well into the second. I had to ask Ol to hold Bill, in her box, and hold the flaps down. He was fantastic and very responsible, and I think maybe that experience of keeping Bill safe was great for bonding.

So we get Bill home, sort her cage out, pop her in a shoe box for a few minutes and she has lots of poo's. That of course entertains the children; and now we're just waiting for her to settle in to her new home before we move to stroking and cuddling.

And I simply must share some new hamster knowledge with you all that I've learnt;

  1. Hamsters (as in Bolt) really do like to watch telly.
  2. Hamsters like classical music.
  3. Hamsters can recognise their owners voices.
  4. Apple pips are poisonous to hamsters.
  5. When hamsters want to play with you, they sometimes do star jumps to show you.
  6. Hamsters get an illness called wet tail; which is an upset tummy mostly.

Any other hamster tips gratefully received, and yes, I do realise Bill is sort of more my baby.


Boadicea said...

If Bill is very small, watch out she doesn't manage to escape through the bars, as one of ours did. I had spent ages waiting for her to wake up, thinking she was in the cardboard tube that she liked to hide in, but when I eventually got impatient and picked up the whole cage and looked in the tube it was empty! It took a long time to recapture her as she hadn't yet got used to us and she never really trusted us after that.
1:Hamsters will do almost anything for sunflower seeds.
2) Chocolate is poisonous to them.

smilernpb said...

Oh goodness. I had three hamsters during my teen years.

1. Was a white one, didn't live very long....my sister picked it up, it bit her and I was too scared to do anything to it after that.
2. My next one was a fat ginger one called Charlton. I was much braver this time....he was a lovely pet. Loved that little ball thing that they run about in like loons.... This hamster escaped from it's cage one night and ended up on my pillow...which was kinda freaky.
3. My final hamster was my 'baby' that me and my then boyfriend named Xavier Forest Charlton (spot the football theme!). He was a brown and white cutey. I am *pretty* sure that he died when we broke up.... :o(

Would I let my kids get a hamster....NO CHANCE! They are awake all night! :o) lol

No handy hints here. Sorry.

Enjoy xx

tattyhousehastings said...

Think Bill already a bit too chubby for escaping through the sides...but am busy planning what to make her do for treats (drive Action Man's car first on list).
And Smiler - honestly, the wheels are much quieter these days!