Monday, 16 November 2009

It's like a school but in a forest...

I'm off to join a forest school this morning, not quite the circus but certainly a bit of a novelty factor. Not the least in that part of the principles of the school is that school goes on whatever the weather. And we have a rainy storm here - which may or may not get worse. Plus, on a cheery note I've volunteered for the next ten weeks - basically through the worst weather of the year. And unlike the children who will all have lovely waterproofs I've only got a cheapie Millets version.

I am, actually very excited to be spending some mornings in the forest, well, actually some trees behind the Old Town so the children can walk to their school/wood. I adore the woods, and making things in them, and imagining them (sometimes better than actually being in them). I blame Enid Blyton and the Enchanted Wood/Magic Wishing Tree and of course my parents for bringing me up in the country right next door to some lovely woods. Sadly there was a Bad Man who lurked in our village woods but as far as I remember only for a couple of years before he went on to scare other little children with his willy in the next village.

As I'm writing this the weather is clearing, and the coffee is kicking in. Yay, for Bev the forest helper!


Jenandollie said...

Sounds like fun, though if you've just got caught in the rain a few mins ago I do feel sorry for you!

tattyhousehastings said...

It was great fun. And we used a flint fire lighter.
I even got very wet but didn't mind (too much). Most of the children got covered in mud and loved it.