Sunday, 29 November 2009

Money Saving Expertise

This year, well the last couple of years to be more precise I've been busy honing by money saving skills culminating today in my bestest ever money saved. I've managed to save nearly two hundred pounds on our home insurance, and it was only two hundred and ninety five to start with.

I followed the Money Saving Expert guide, by using search engines for cheap insurance in a particular order and reached an offer of one hundred and fifteen pounds, for a no direct debit, buy it straight away deal. I'll admit I have not heard of the specific company but the dealer is Columbus, who are legitimate so I have not many worries about it. Absolutely fantastic.

Apologies if this sounds like an advert but I am so so pleased. Then, of course we just popped out to Eastbourne and probably spent the difference. We bought a fake Christmas tree, the first one we've had for years. I got put off real trees last year, when we used the one we'd saved from 2007 in a pot in the garden. We bought it in and slugs came out of it, and weird jumping insects. Very grim. Cutting down a tree every year to bin seems wasteful, so I suspect if our plastic type tree is good enough quality (and it should be at forty quid) then it is almost as environmentally justifiable.

The rest of the afternoon was spent quietly cutting out shapes from last years' Christmas cards with the children to make labels with. We have slightly over done it, and possibly have enough labels for many years, particularly as quality control over only classy cards most certainly slipped this afternoon in childish excitement.

Next Saturday the tree is going up. It will be December after all.

Oh, and in other news, I went ice skating yesterday, loved it. May have looked ridiculous as could not get hang of it for first twenty five minutes of thirty minute session, then have managed to really really hurt my foot. Spent most of evening yesterday dragging it around like a club foot.

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