Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Green One

I've been 'into' green issues my whole life. I can't remember not recycling - even when it meant carrying empties on the bus to the supermarket centre. I was an early member of CND, a vegetarian for numerous reasons from 13 (although no political ones until a bit later), and believed in 'saving the world'.

But you know what - I've realised today that I've just been drifting along for the last few years. I've been freecycling, hating the landfill, recycling, trying not to use packaging and so on but not thinking about it. In all honesty this carbon neutral stuff has left me cold; especially when I see big companies and organisations and the government getting away with not doing their bit. I've been sick and tired of water companies trying to make us save water, when they have leaking pipes themselves. Then sick and tired of their agreement with local governments to force all house buyers to change to meters; which by their own admission cost around double for a family of four. Interestingly there have been no save water campaigns through our door since we went to a meter.

But on a less ranting note - actually I've just read a fairly old book which reminded me its both the political and the personal that count. Yes, on an individual level there is loads we can do from reducing use, to buying locally and so on however unless we combine it with a political level - both community, national and international then it is all cold and sad.

I feel renewed by energy in this. The first thing I intend to do is sort out my own views; re-join CND and work towards renewable energy. I need to remember to turn off lights, and to turn off appliances at the mains. Plus, I need to combine journeys when I need the car - to kill many birds with one stone if you like. And I need to re-join the neighbourhood association to make our little corner of the town better, plus keep in political touch.

It's the new enthused green me. And as for the Green Party - I must do the research. (Or Mr Grey Area could just tell me - R?).


Jenandollie said...

Theres always more that we individually could do but it doesn't help when every time we try the local council put up barriers. Its not good the very low amount of items they can recycle, they really ought to try harder like many of the other councils manage to do.

Though this'll make you laugh, saw a book at the weekend which was all about how we could do a bit more without realising it etc and the blooming thing was printed on high gloss, lots of ink paper. Apparently they don't believe in doing as they preach!

They nearest CND Group is in Lewes, I've got the details if you want it or you can find it on their website, probably.


Boadicea said...

Tell me about it!
I too have always been a recycler, a not-waster - to me it's logical apart from anything else. I've been very careful with water since the '76 "drought" and don't squander any resources if I can help it, but our efforts seem a drop in the ocean when you then see office lights left on all night in empty buildings, the way Americans' way of life revolves around their cars (what WALK? take PUBLIC TRANSPORT? Only really poor people do that!) and packaging...! I get incensed that we, the end users are charged with getting rid of unrecycleable packaging that we didn't want in the first place! (See my blog:Rail at the World) You can sign up on the Government's petition site if you agree that manufacturers should be the ones to deal with it. Don't know whether it will do any good, or whether the government monitor for the future "troublemakers" who start petitions!

depesando said...

don't get me started....