Tuesday, 3 November 2009

When Sleep is the Opposite of Restful

Just had a terrible night's sleep. There was all sorts going on in my head. I think someones boss appointed me to a job, then changed their mind when they saw how much baggage I had. Literally, in the dream I was packing up boxes and boxes of too small clothes, and knick knacks.

Hideous, then I hated them, taunted them behind their back, and was scared of their four month old kitten as it had really long claws. Somehow the Evil boss pair fooled me in to them getting hold of my lovely, real blue car. Evil boss man then drove it in to a fence in a park - leaving me to piece it together and call the police as it was a write off.

Finally it ended with some Nice People wanting to get to Church Street, N16 which had somehow moved to Spitalfields. They got there, climbed a giant church (it would be wouldn't it?), then I worried about them falling off the church and woke up.

Suspect it all means I am a bit loopy and am mixing up all Very Important Things in my head. Must remember not to Taunt Baddies behind their backs though as like my lovely car in one piece (plus it is Wrong).

I've got a sad, big day today in town going to a funeral - so I guess that it explains some of it.

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Boadicea said...

Oh dear, you and Richard both down today. Maybe it's the funeral (good luck by the way) or maybe it's the weather. I've been really down too, although it could have something to do with missing my O.H. who is working in the States and not back till December:-(