Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Flat White with semi skimmed please...

Now, in my world there are three kinds of milk;

Whole milk, for children, and for men who may sample it with a biccy and cuppa. Never to be put in an instant coffee as a 'skin' may form, and never to be put in a real coffee as it will make me feel sick.

Semi-skimmed, for everyone else, good 'normal', healthy*, and to use in coffee, drinking, for cereal etc. etc.

Skimmed milk, for everyone who is watching calories, and can handle the skinny version. Although I do prefer the taste of skimmed milk in tea, I think it is too weak for a real coffee, I do acknowledge that others like it.

Oh - and of course soya, for vegans, and health reasons.

But Costa Coffee in Hastings, oh yes I am naming and shaming them only have full fat or skinny (skimmed) milk here. And it has ruined by coffee drinking experience many a time.

Luckily, the Bridge Community Cafe (mostly) has semi-skimmed milk, lovely bullet has semi, eat@ has semi and so on. Shame on you Costa. Even Starbucks offers a variety of milks.

I'd love to know what the other local independents serve, of course I must try them...I do find asking if a cafe has semi skimmed, then walking out, or ordering a bottled water or something quite excruciating though.

Oh, the things I worry about. But still - let's start a campaign. Bring back the semi. It's healthier and nicer than the full fat. And in any town without decent health food cafe's we need all the help we can get.

*If milk is actually healthy, particularly the non-organic variety which someone once told me is a third pus and antibiotics, although safe to drink.


Jenandollie said...

This still bugging you?! Thought you'd given up trying to educate the coffee chains.

Boadicea said...

Re "healthy" milk - that's one of the reasons my O.H. and his kids are vegan. A step too far for me at the moment, unless they can come up with a cheese alternative that actually tastes like cheese!
I thought Costa did soy milk as well?

tattyhousehastings said...

Jen -As people will tell you I can bear a grudge/hold an issue for a long long time.
Boadicea - I agree, vegan is the way to go. Trouble is am also addicted to white coffee and pizza and as yet have not found a happy alternative. And yes, you are probably quite right. Forgot to ask Costa about soy milk.