Friday, 6 November 2009

Miaow, Miaow let me in

I now have the definitive answer. Cat flaps do all use exactly the same magnetic key. Therefore if those, as yet, not so clever clogs cats all realised every one with a magnet key collar could access, and thus burgle each others houses.

We know because Seren, the cat lost her magnet key and after a month or so of sellotape holding the cat flap open and feeding all the neighbourhood cats who sneaked in we found an old one. And it really works - totally different manufacturer and design and everything. So much for new technology, mind you it does beat leaving a window open and having random cats enter your house to wee in your toaster.


Boadicea said...

As long as those random toaster-defiling cats don't have one as well!

tattyhousehastings said...

It was one of the worst cat/hangover/wee/smell moments of my life. We only found out when we put toast in and it heated up.
Poor cat who'd done the wee also had half its face missing with an infected wound so it did not mean to be nasty.
It was all bad though - lovely RSPCA took cat away in the end.