Monday, 30 November 2009

She's moved bedrooms

The hamster, Billie has stuffed all the bedding and sawdust in to her giant face and moved in to her hamster wheel. Well, it is a modern sort of wheel, which is actually a ball. She's got all her food in there too and has spent the evening and night making it right cosy.

Of course I feel bad because her other bedroom has a door which means we've been picking her up from it. Which she clearly does not like. So she's made her point in her inaccessible wheel stuffed with bedding and wee.

Am hoping this is a temporary set back in bonding, but could mean we are not succeeding as decent hamster owners; she bites M too (though not anyone else and I tell him it is because he is always eating so smells of food and doesn't wash his hands first).


Sandra Morris said...

Every hamster I ever had as a child did exactly the same thing.....moved all their bedding into their wheel.

Perhaps it is perfectly normal hamster behaviour.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thank God - I have been worrying a bit. Plus she seems to be sleeping a lot. Or maybe just whenever I'm up as she has lots of moving to do. Wake up!