Tuesday, 8 April 2008

5 Important Things to Find Out

We've had a lovely day today, I painted an old pub table light blue, in a sort of aspirational Scumble Goose way whilst lovely husband painted the skirting boards (boring boring boring) and feature chimney breast. Love the new painting, and the new room is looking like it'll be great. We've decided to amend our house (again), and have moved the playroom upstairs.

The playroom and my making things room are now combined, which surprisingly I really like. It reminds me of days gone by where the lady of the house sits sewing, with children around her feet. Or in our case, one child trying to play Playstation and kill Dr Robotnik, and the other drawing endless circles. Am suspecting there is some educational value in circles, but not sure what it is so encourage the lovely shapes in a supportive but unclear manner.

We then tried a little shopping with mother, just me and Ol. We had an absolutely lovely time spending over two hours choosing ice cream and cereal, and discussing our favourite olives and crisps. I truly think my work in producing a discerning consumer is done, well almost, apart from taste in cheap jam and biscuits. Still, saves some money off the shopping. I also bought some strong, not sure why, flour and yeast and thought in a moment of 'what can we do' this school holiday we'd maybe try making some bread.

Anyway on to my days' discoveries;
  1. There can't be any point to decaffeinated coffee, if it actually does not have caffeine in it. Why not simply have a cocoa or glass of water?
  2. If you paint a dark colour on a bumpy badly plastered wall it really really really shows up the lumps. The reverse is true for people and clothes.
  3. Dried cat food is much much cheaper in the pet shop. I can't believe I've had a cat for eight years and have only just found this out. Also the pet shop is nice and clean, and does not smell bad. They all seem to have some ears for dogs around though, on the counter in our local one's case.
  4. If you change from margarine to butter, and eat cheese when you fancy it, with occasional crisps nights you will go up a dress size.
  5. Carpet cleaner, the spray kind works miracles on dodgy dark stains on the stairs.

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Anonymous said...

What a productive day!!