Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bloggers Block

It has been the longest time since I wrote on here, I've been suffering from a kind of bloggers block whereby everything I nearly write seems trite, stupid and a bit pointless. I have resolved this in my head by the realisation that actually everything I do is a bit pointless, and in fact I have been described as pointless in the past. Think it might have had something to do with over-admiring self in the mirror or saying useless things.

But now, aha, I have this blog to write my useless things, and here they are, the things I've been worrying about but not writing about for fear of appearing a touch pointless.

1. How can I kill the front garden, without weedkiller. This was last weeks' worry, then the garden crept up on me with its annual lovely display of flowers, so now am worrying that I can't do anything to it as its wrong to kill living plants. It's kind of pretty if you blur out the weeds in a Monet esque way. Also just had a highly cool compliment from random double glazing sales person who wanted to know if our as yet unopened poppies were, in fact, Venus fly killers. Sadly I disabused him, then told him did not want any double glazing.

2. Still deeply concerned about what fabric shoes to buy this summer. I even tried on some of those teenage canvas pumps, but unfortunately I looked too old. Then tried plain white, but they were not quite right. Finally I looked at a pair of Babychams, delighted that there is a Babycham brand in the world, so would have loved them. But..they also made me look too try hard young. So now back at square one, perhaps I either don't get any or...new possibility just get some super comfy Clarks shoes, which I think are trendy. Others may just think I am appropriately dressed for my age though. Damn middle age!

3. When and whether the slugs will come back this year - it may be the case that we've solved the house slug problem but will the garden one be as gross. It puts me off walking in the garden first thing, and definitely at night time. It may also be that the slugs are just lying dormant under the house waiting for the right weather to jump up to the kitchen and steal the cat's food.

4. My hair, I accidentally went to the Wrong Hairdressers, don't ask! But it is really bad, and the layers are just basically like I'm growing out a fringe so am forced to wear clips all the time. It's really hideous, and my fault because I should not have been so frugal with the cost, as I was slightly delighted with the cost at only six pounds. But now it looks rubbish, least I have dyed it so it doesn't look like my roots are showing and rubbish. Just rubbish.


LannyLee said...

I'm glad you're back, I always like reading your Blog everyday & reading yours has inspired me to start my own - so thank you and please carry on writing - it's never boring!

Anonymous said...

Here here! Have missed it B!