Sunday, 13 April 2008

End of the Weekend

Well the weekend is almost over, its been lovely. We've cooked, baked, seen the sea, done some shopping, lots of playing with the children and finally drank some margaritas. Quite a classically idyllic weekend really, just really really wish we had a dishwasher. With four adults and four children in the house this weekend we've really noticed the amount of washing up to be done.

I've also finished my knitted pencil case, which I love. Am delighted to report that Ol also likes it, and is very proud of me for making it, he has been showing it off for me. However, and they're always seems to be issues in prototypes to be ironed out, I've hand sewn the sides together with cotton and it looks a little, well hand made is the kindest description. Sewn by a blind seven year old with no thumbs would be the meanest. Still am in learning about crafts stage so feel can forgive self and next time remember to sew in a straight line and use a thread that actually, well matches.

Lovely husband also made something this weekend, a delicious meringue, cream, chocolate and fruit dessert that I'm highly impressed with. Honestly together we're turning in to such a pair of homebodies. I think we bored ourselves a little with our comfy cosiness and hence had to buy a bottle of tequila last night to make cocktails with. I was even tempted to do shots, but as luckily I resisted have been able to function, to a certain low level of playing only today.

Well, onwards and upwards, and looking forward to another week of holiday at home, as darling husband off work for Spring Break. Can't wait to think what ill thought of craft plans next week will bring!

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