Friday, 11 April 2008

New Chair

I've had my first experience of re-upholstering a chair, and I can confirm, that as preciously thought its actually quite hard. I managed and am really pleased with the way the chair (an ex-free cycled chair) looks. However I forgot to put the upholstery tacks on in an exact straight line. This would have looked much neater, and less home made. I also got a bit confused as to how to attach fabric to itself, so have to admit I invented a new technique called staple gun everything. It worked brilliantly, but sadly does not look fantastic on the visible fabric, rather a little like someone has made a chair out of sticky back plastic and staples. But woke up in the night, and suddenly remembered the answer, sewing! So I'll be getting on with that this weekend. Plus having lovely H and children up for the weekend, so will ask for her advice.

We've also managed to decorate the ex-playroom, which now looks like a lovely spare room. Again, just need to finish it off. K came up with lovely idea of framing some fabric offcuts and popping them up on the chimney breast. Might need to source some students to stay in the room too, oh, and remember not to play Sing Star after eleven is it is guaranteed to wake up the whole house. Course it is the best thing we have this year, and whole household likes nothing better than a little Papa Don't Preach, although am banning humming along from now on.

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