Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Appropriate and non-embarassing expressions of surprise/delight

I've been over using the word Crikey lately. My friend L says I must not use it anymore as I sound annoyingly posh, think I agree with him so need a new word. L uses Gosh, which as a secondary teacher he says even the cool kids use in a sort of ironic way. I partly agree with him, but definitely think both L and I are too old to be the same as the cool kids, and are in danger of being a touch too camp. ( Sorry L !).

So the search is on for a new non offensive statement of surprise. At different times in my life I've used ruder words but as I spend most of my time with children, they are absolutely wrong. I also used to use God a lot, but have decided to stop as don't actually want kids to repeat it all the time. One friend's mum uses bugger a lot, which is another tricky one, course its very appropriate at moments, but not really a little wrong when a two year old repeats it, (although not that they have yet...)

I annoy myself immensely when I say goodness, and now gosh and crikey are out, think I might just be left with one I learnt off an American in Prague, ' Hot dog!'. Failing that, I'll just go straight to Bloody Hell.


lilybee said...

oh about golly?

iflutterby said...

i was going to offer golly.

found you by searching east sussex on blogger, and then looking for green type parents, hope you don't mind. i'm at http://iflutterby.wordpress

my other half was a little surprised to find when he met me that there really are people who say gosh and golly and jeepers and the like! glad to find others taht do it too!!