Thursday, 3 April 2008

Guilt free blogging and knitting (almost)

I've been wondering, a bit like the characters in Me too, where the time has gone. It seems incredible that by the end of each day, despite being at home most of the day I struggle to think of non-essential tasks I've undetaken. Perhaps its just that with a house, two small children under five, home-cooking and occasionally having a coffee there just isn't enough time in the day to do much else. I seem to remember in my mother's day, the housewives kept very clean homes, played with the children, did the shopping and again, had the occasional coffee with friends.

Perhaps its just that our generation have higher expectations, I really do think I can keep a clean - ish house, look after the children, do the cooking and washing (and very occasionally my version of ironing) plus write my blog, think about writing a book, make crafts for the home, do some knitting, speak to real people occasionally, and take the children out on a variety of educational and fun activities and outings. I guess I do manage all of those things, but in a quite haphazard way, and perhaps not as often as I'd like. For example, thoughts about a book, are just that, not even written plans...

Oh, and now I need to plan out a front garden, think about border planting in the back garden, discourage cats from 'using' our garden, and make a weekly plan for dinner. Am tired out already, so think its time for a little cbeebies, oh where did the time go today?


iflutterby said...

and having a 6 week old i find i'm not even getting the cleaning done for now.... i do have a list of household to do's that's growing!

i think we do expect more of ourselves than our ancestors did, partly because we're often doing it solo rather than in a community (by solo i mean in an individual family unit rather than collectively)

tattyhousehastings said...

ha, when mine were babies you would not believe how dirty the house was, trouble is, that's the time you also get loads of visitors! Still all parents most definitely understand, and no one is going to look at the house, just the baby, and hopefully not too tired mummy!