Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Naughty Boys

Firstly can I just say a big hello and welcome to everyone who has started blogging recently, and who this little blog might have inspired. Am seriously flattered that people might enjoy this so much, and realise its just me, and normal stuff so that they start their own. So hello Hannah, Zoe, Jennie, iflutterby, Lanny Lee, Brax and everyone else. What a brilliant community of writers/diarists we're becoming in this country!

So, I'm currently mummy to four children, two of my own, and two students from Germany. The German boys are very young to be staying here with the family, they are eleven and twelve! Needless to say this is presenting its own challenges, I've yet to convince them to have a shower.

However this is only their third day here, so am sure this is not unusual for teenage boys. In addition they have admitted that we are a funny family, when quizzed about it they said nice too. But that might have been because they were scared my me and my questions. They were also very naughty yesterday. They told us over dinner they'd pushed a girl in the sea and she cried. Sadly lovely husband and I failed our first parenting of teenagers experience by laughing. But was seriously impressed with the boys teachers'. Apparently the teachers told them to tidy their room after school, then came over to check.

Probably the funniest bit of the teachers' visit was one of the boys busied himself making a friendship bracelet for wet girl which impressed them no end. Also they walked around the house, chatted etc, all with their scarily efficient looking backpacks on.

Hate to make any jokes about the efficiency...but to say the German students' tour bus comes on time everyday, so much so we could set our watches by it.

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