Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The unbearable lightness of me...

I keep waking up at night, or struggling to go to sleep because I'm worrying. I'd like to say I'm pondering issues of world poverty, or even our mortgage or family but I'm afraid I'm far too trivial and pointless for that.

I've been mostly worrying about:

1. What type of canvas shoes I should buy when my Converse finally have to be binned. I want white lace ups but worry that they would make my size 8 feet look too big, and of course that within a morning they'd be covered in unmentionable yuckiness.

2. Where we should shelve our books, currently, they are in three different locations; our bedroom, the bathroom, and a few in the living room. The best shelves are in our bedroom (no can't move them, don't ask for goodness sake) but it would be nice to have some books more visible. Plus can't be bothered to dust the bedroom enough and would get bit fusty after a while. Particularly since we can't open the windows as we've yet to make darling little blinds so have madly stapled fabric on to velux windows.

3. What should be done with my last piece of knitting which was a knit one, purl one attempt but has suffered greatly from my sieve brain forgetting which one I needed to do next. Thought perhaps I might knit little mats to go on bedside tables, but then worried they might look a little, well crap, without any decoration. Also that I might be going a bit knit crazy, and house would start to resemble that of Ugly Betty's.

4. Toe varnish - both my usual stand by nail varnish's for my toes, apricot and a sort of deep blush just aren't right anymore. Am too old for black or purple so where next. Can't afford a French polish pedicure, or even ever justify it being always quite broke so where next in nail colour? Actually thinking this is the light of day, I'm wondering whether a pale rose pink or a hot turquoise might be the ones for summer, what do you think?

5. Being cold, then children/cat/students being cold.

6. Whether we drink too much.

7. That we should all eat more fruit, have to admit am only really keen on Marks and Spencer's prepared fruit salads, just never want proper fruit that involves peeling or knives. But is M&S fruit as good for you? I'd doubt it, but it is also an absolute waste of money, when you can prepare it yourself. But its nice. And my head argument goes on and on and on.

8. That the children are in the right nursery, despite them being happy, learning things and loving school, I just have to worry about this about once a week. Suspect it will always be thus, and will be worrying about this until they're in work, then will worry about that for them.

9. Ageing - big one this, and no stopping it. Do my hands look like old ladies' hands? What about my neck, and horror of horrors my feet? Also worry about my skin, is it losing its elasticity? Did it have enough? Am I getting those skin tags on my thighs (once had one on chest after having daughter, kindly doctor chopped it off but said there may be more coming..)

10. The weedy front garden. Do our neighbours dread looking it it, and think we are desperately lazy? And probably how can we make it nice, should we gravel, stone it, weed and plant it, grass it over, pave it? There are so many options it makes my head spin, and the truth is I simply don't know what the best thing to do is...what is we grass it over and the weeds all live in the grass, what if we weed it, then they all come straight back, and what plants should we plant anyway? My friend K told me her version of what she'd do, but would feel that I'd be copying if we did it, plus think it'd look a bit too sophisticated for us.

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