Sunday, 30 March 2008

Believe the hype

Woke up to floods of tears this morning as our first student of the year prepared to go home to Tokyo. She's an absolutely lovely girl, and spent lots of time playing with the children, and studying NME television bands, no really, it is research. We'll miss her, but husband made tactical error during teary breakfast of asking four year old Ol if he would miss her. He, of course, said no, just to be silly causing even more sadness. To his credit, he later apologised and I do think, lovely student understood he is just a bit contrary, and does really like her.

Anyway to make amends took Ol upstairs to make a very speedy goodbye card. Am bit of a control freak, like to know exactly where my things are, but horror of horrors my Pritt Stick was missing. Did not want to waste valuable five minutes hunting house for it, so decided to stick things on the card with Copydex. It works, but is amazingly sticky and messy so sent poor student off with gluey wet card. Hope she appreciates the sentiment inside.

Then as its still only about five o'clock in the morning, old time, (am rubbish at this clock changing malarkey) sat down to read a magazine in front of cbeebies. Have got amazingly excited about a new product called Sew Simple. Its a kind of glue you can stick buttons and ribbons on the material with, then wash in the machine. How wonderful, and 21st century if we no longer have to sew buttons on! Course, little bits of white glue might poke out behind buttons and may not be the loveliest look on a dark shirt for example. However, I am deeply excited and want to rush out today to buy some.

Is this all my parents fault for banning ITV and adverts on television when I was younger? What do you think, do missing out on adverts whilst young mean you are more susceptible to them as an adult? Or are some people just suckers for shiny new product and advertisment?

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Anonymous said...

Been browsing and found this site. Im now on the path to new projects. Have a look they are priceless!