Friday, 14 March 2008

Vegetable Overload

I decided to try out a new boxed vegetable scheme this week. It's not organic, but its very local, all the vegetables are picked to order from farms within ten miles of here. I'm very impressed, the vegetables are lovely and seasonal to boot. Plus there were loads of them, plenty enough for a family of four. Of course the problem is, I forgot to cancel the other vegetable box so now we have enough vegetables for a family of eight. And I've been eating so healthily lately, that I'm a little sick of vegetables.

Still am full of new found veggie enthusiasm tonight, and have decided to make a big cauliflower and broccoli cheese tomorrow for lunch, with fresh spinach on the side. Then we can have a squash, carrot and sweetcorn soup to freeze or eat on Sunday. Finally think we'll have healthy dinner of cabbage topped with veggie sausages on Monday night. Jacket potatoes with cottage cheese (for me) and beans and cheese (for the children) for weekday lunches. Might also make our favourite (really) lentil shepherds pie with lots of carrots and oh frozen peas in for Tuesday.

Course all this healthy eating will allow me to go out and have some drinks tomorrow night which I'm really looking forward to. Might even allow myself my favourite vodka and Fanta limon to drink, 'praps not in public though as is a bit teenage! Am in a sick of red wine phase at the moment though, as got a really bad headache from drinking cheap plonk a few months ago. Do think as you get older, wine does need to get better, and actually preferably organic to avoid headaches!

Oh, and search for lovely little puppy continues...we went to see a gorgeous rescue puppy last week, but he was a Staff cross, and too powerful for the children. Also worried about how little Seren would cope with a big dog, so definitely back to the starting place of needing a tiny one...that will be gentle and enjoy playing tea parties. Oh,and that isn't pedigree 'cos we can't afford it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog. I love Hastings, but haven't been for a few years. Is the rock shop still there?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby, the rock shop you probably mean has gone but the John Bull opposite the fountain roundabout is still there.

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated but interesting is this website....
It has thousands of weird and wonderful instructional vids, teaching you "how to" do almost everything! Including crafty, diy stuff! I will be filing it in favourites, it could be handy!

tattyhousehastings said...

Hi Ruby, just checked out your blog, looks lovely, can't wait to see more! There is a lovely new old fashioned sweetie shop in the Old Town now, which is great. Also sells tobacco bits.
And thanks, H for tip, keep having to look up how to cast off knitting at the moment!