Tuesday, 18 March 2008

About to rain again...

Feel very disorganised today, wanted to take the children to the park this afternoon to burn off some energy but...its freezing and about to rain again. This outside life isn't all its cracked up to be sometimes.

Then have not made soup with lovely vegetables, or lentil thatch (cottage pie thingy) or attempted to eat any of the two cabbages we have. Think I might make a stir fry for tea with some cabbage, and chopped up omelet. Was once in a diet book I think, so should be quite healthy. Cabbage is probably most urgent to eat, as is looking a little rough around the edges.

I've also invited about half of Hastings over to play this Friday afternoon, now sort of regretting it because if the weather is bad am not sure exactly what we might do. Lovely husband has volunteered to do read some books to them, he's actually quite entertaining at it..well, guess he would be as infant teacher. Then, thought we'd have an Easter egg hunt. 'Praps could do it upstairs in making things room if weather stays hideous. Then maybe, um, eating cakes for the rest of the afternoon. Actually just had strike of inspiration, perhaps we can do making Easter chicks. Older ones can make them out of wool and bits, and younger ones can have their parents do it.

Sometimes, I do get slightly carried away with self at how good I am at entertaining when reality is, just leave children out in garden to play, occasionally intervening if things get Bad between them. Rainy day play much trickier.

Final item on to do list is to buy Easter eggs, would like to buy healthy ish ones, with lovely little egg cups, or mugs, but of course they won't be wanted as much as sugar filled, low chocolate ones, so may as well just head off and buy some normal ones, and get a grip on self. Am not really living organic, free range simple life, just think I am in my head.

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