Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Make and do easter

We, ok I admit it me really have been really busy making things the last couple of days. I did get caught up in making a giant wall of blocks at playgroup today which all went really well, until a little girl I didn't know put a block in the wrong place. Her mum caught me moving it, then her moving it back, how she laughed! Embarrassing, oh my gosh, yes, I must be the biggest control freak to try and make the children's play aesthetically pleasing.

Yesterday, however I managed to cover a little footstool without any help, which was brilliant, do love it even if I say so myself. Just need to add a couple of little embroidery flowers (can't embroider so will be patches) and it'll be perfect ish. See the photo above.

And then today, got carried away with my own children making an Easter branch tree, have blatantly copied the idea off my friend Claire. Claire, is, of course the scarf maker, and thus genuinely artistic and graceful. Our effort rather less so, but am hoping it epitomises Easter in a sort of new growth, and cute things and chocolate way. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

FANCY A SWAP!!!!???? decoration and pretty upholstery for marking and planning... no, i thought not.
oh, how i yearn for a makey~do lifestyle! Am inspired by your creativeness (doesnt take much as you know!) but frustrated by my lack of time (sigh).

Christine said...

that's a great little stool you did there tatty and the decoration is pretty - I'd say it's very good taste in fact.

tattyhousehastings said...

Aah, thank you very much, and did I say the absolute best thing was the footstool was free via a freecycle lovely lady!
And H - don't forget you'd have to live with children and sick and not much cake!