Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Eurovision here we come....

I'm currently getting very excited about Eurovision, and am planning to have a party. Have not done anything towards organising it, but definitely plan to send themed invitations, and do some decorating. Have been trying to think of Euro food too, bit stuck as it'll probably end up being mostly Eastern European countries in the final again, and not very familiar with food. Well, truth is I did spend four months studying in Prague some time ago, but as a vegetarian I really did mostly eat fried cheese and potatoes, supplemented by the occasional salad from the American cafes. I'm sure Prague has modernised heaps by now, so would not be so tricky, I did put on about two stone though. Course drinking beer everyday could not have helped the weight situation.

Oooh, have just had wonderful idea, Euro drinks! We could have vodka, of course, bison grass vodka - which is delicious with apple juice, Becherovka, which is Czech for a health drink. No promises about the taste, but it is good stuff, and I've even been to the factory in Carlovy Vary, the teacher that took us there got totally blotto on it, and made the coach driver wait for him. If I remember rightly he tried to start a sing song on the way home, but of course a coach load of foreigners did not know the words! There's also absinthe, which is wonderfully European, but only time I drank it, a bunch of us woke up in a hall lying on top of each other, which was a bit squashy. Plus don't know why we decided to do that, so not very responsible drinking. I know the Finns drink black vodka, but not sure about the Danes or Swedes, or in fact former Cold Block countries. Any ideas very welcome!

Sadly lovely husband is away that weekend, so I will have to be Responsible Adult, he's disappointingly not very sad to be missing Eurovision at all though! Can't believe he's watched it with me for every year for last 12 years, and is not deeply concerned to miss it. Perhaps it is truly an acquired taste.

Oh, and have decided to stop moaning about contestants on Song for Europe, and just be glad that Andy Abrahams can actually sing, not convinced about his dancing, and is not very Euro pop, but you never know, votes might actually be about how good the tune is...perhaps we can persuade the rest of Europe he's actually from the Eastern bloc. Or just be very nice to all Europeans we meet between now and end of May so they love us again.


Anonymous said...

Last year i vowed to have a eurovision party. (now im "young" free and single). Have always revelled in the Wogan fest and always wanted one! Even went as far as insisting potential guests decide which country they were coming as. Sadly, this hasnt come to fruition. Bagsy be Estonia. For some reason i associate this country with Scotland. (do they look the same or have similar flags??)
PS have you seen Irelands entry?? a bloody turkey puppet!

tattyhousehastings said...

Excellent! Yes, Estonia does have a similar flag, don't mind if Ireland has silly entry, might give us a chance.
Love Wogan too!