Monday, 10 March 2008

Time to Hole up in the House

The storm of the winter has hit the UK today, our house is feeling the power of the wind, and wobbling a bit at the top. Keep wondering how much we should worry about the wobble in the attic, but am sure its fine, those Victorian builders must have had a special technique to shore the top floor against sea winds. Do not tell me any different please, as then it would mean that out house is considering breaking, and that is a worry of a whole different level.

Been chatting to my friend Claire, about her new website, and her lovely handmade scarves. Am loving her bags the absolute most, but do actually have quite a serious bag fetish which I control on a low level. Website address is if you want to check out the scarves, bags and jewellery. She's a proper designer, which is lovely, and even better I am not intimidated by her gorgeous gear, which is amazing in its own right.

We might have to brave the wind and rain later to go out, rainy day activities will have to be invented and executed in this house. No not, the potato people again!

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