Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Homemaker blues

I've been pondering this all day, how come a lovely, albeit usually slightly frugal life spent in domestic land, full of cleaning, childcare, playing and chatting isn't enough. And it really isn't for most of us. We are educated to expect more, and at some point endless chats about what the doggy is doing now, begin to grate on our nerves somewhat. Am utterly unsure about the answer, because when work is combined with bringing up with children, a whole range of new challenges that are less fun (sick children tops that list) rise up.

Suspect the answer in the past was a little gin in the afternoon, or if one had the money a little more nanny time.

So any ideas for new challenges to keep stay at home mummies at the top of the game and on their toes very welcome. And Ol, no this does not mean me learning how to stop you interrupting whilst I am talking.

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Anonymous said...

It seems we all are touched by the "grass is always greener" symptoms at times. Maybe if you are at home and need to be in touch with society the path to sanity lies in ENTERPRISE! cottage industry, i mean. look at the successful businesses which have started at home, (Anita Roddick for one!). Having said that, maybe your obvious talents in writing could be put to use. We all love a good book, and you certainly have more than one in you!!