Saturday, 1 March 2008

Hello London

Went back up to London yesterday to visit friends, had a lovely time and now feel all nostalgic for our old home. Saw my friends Hannah and Kay and their lovely children. Was especially keen to see little Kitty, who I've now known since she was a baby, she's a big walking talking bundle of cuteness, ok, slightly dramatic too, but fab.

Think the thing we all missed the most, apart from our friends that is, is the community cafe. As soon as Horizon in Leytonstone opened the community gathered there, and ate delicious cakes, bagels and lovely coffee. They even remembered how customers had their coffee, which is a fine thing indeed. Have now decided that is what Hastings is missing the most, a decent coffee shop, where we can all meet up after the school run, or go for lunch.

There are a couple of lovely ones in town, but they're too far from most local schools to be true, post school run meeting places. Play dates were arranged in the cafe in Leytonstone, nights out, children's education put to rights, power walking sorted out, and most importantly it gave lots of us the chance to meet up with each other, and with the other members of the community in a relaxed setting. We loved that coffee shop.

Unfortunately we've got a serious problem in Hastings, whereby a new local cafe is about to open up, called the Muts Nuts (spelt wrong). However that's not the problem, they have a British Bulldog emblem, with a Union Jack behind it. It must be racist mustn't it? What a shame though.


lilybee said...

Hello, normally I find your posts rather funny but your latest post (1st March) is rather peculiar.

Why should the use of our country’s united flag and an emblem of a good old British Bulldog be racist? The problem with this country is that in order to accept so many different nationalities we are loosing our own identity. There should be nothing wrong with being proud of your identity regardless of where you come from and if we allow other nationalities to fly or use their flags in our country why on earth are we not going to allow the British to fly their own?!

The “Mutts Nuts” means the best of, can’t be beaten, which I take to mean that they think their food and drinks will be rather good. Not that they are being racist.

I mean no offence but just think that maybe you shouldn’t assume that everything is aimed at being racist or rude to others. After all, are you not British and proud to be?

Anonymous said...

It's the flag of our nation. Literally millions of people have died for that flag - of all creeds and colours. You should have a long, hard look at yourself if you jump to conclusions so quickly.

tattyhousehastings said...

Yes, I am proud to be British, and at the right occasion very happy to fly the flag. And in fact would not be concerned about a British restaurant using the Union Jack, its the other emblem with it that concerns me. For me the emblem of a British Bulldog does say rascism though, you've both made me think though, perhaps it doesn't mean anything sinister. I really hope so, and am not actually inspired to get to know the owners to find out.
Actually I hope you're both right, and I'm wrong!

Christine said...

You're suffering from returning to your old hunting grounds and nothing will be right for days now. Different towns and areas have different cultures. Different town, different friends, no job, too much time to think? If you have a friend who can cook why not consider opening your own place?

tattyhousehastings said...

sorry, should have said now inspired to meet the owners and find out!