Monday, 3 March 2008

Potty time

Currently in middle of potty training our daughter, we know we left it too late because yesterday she eloquently told her daddy that she would rather have a nappy on as it is easier. Still, has been at least a couple of accidents a day, which do upset her, I'm still counting on a full week and it'll be finished though.

Feeling very tired today, as children woke up a half five again and we managed to squeeze all four of us in a small ish double bed. Trying to sleep while someone plays with your hair, scrapes their toe nails down your shins, and has a fight with their sibling is not easy, and I failed at it today. Did manage to have a night without telly yesterday which was lovely, seriously if it was just me I could get rid of the telly, and just watch Holby City and Eurovision. Could probably watch them on the computer... have already told husband we're not watching telly tonight, am absolutely sick to death of home improvement programmes. Particularly as we just watch them instead of actually improving our home.

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