Friday, 28 March 2008

Are you the knitting lady?

Went to lovely Bridge playgroup today, which keeps getting better and better. Added attraction is the building which is a true community centre with a lovely cafe that has good coffee.

Had a quick coffee and true mothers meeting before the group and was chatting to lovely local mummy who suddenly asked me if I was the knitting lady. Got terribly embarrassed but did admit have started knit night with some friends and love it! Even produced my square of lovely green knitting to show all. Square, well rectangle really is just that at the moment, but am planning to transform it in to gorgeous lined pencil case. Then perhaps make my fortune selling them at craft fairs.

We then proceeded to have a long discussion about how you knit a jumper, do you use three needles, or just two and squash up the wool. All going very well, until suddenly got a grip on ourselves and were just oh God! Then we talked about times we had drunk too much and been sick which made us feel much better and cooler and younger. Shame there is not a oh, god, I'm a mummy and drank too much ten years ago group on facebook. I'd definitely be the founder member. Oops, that means I'll have to start it off. Unlikely as need all energy for knitting projects.

Can't wait for next knit night though as is a lovely hobby, even better shared with a glass of wine and some friends!

At end of lovely playgroup after the singing a new woman introduced herself, she was very nice but horror of horrors is in the local Shore Sounds choir and wanted us to learn to sing. Is it possible? Can people learn to sing? Or am I doomed to a life of shame whilst playing Sing Star and leading Sleeping Bunnies at groups? What do you think, can someone who was one of only two children in her primary school to be barred from the choir due to sheer rubbishness at singing learn?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, me again!!
When i moved here last aug, had BIG PLANS to join a community choir (not religious one). Know of one which meets on thurs at the White Rock. but never had the courage (or the time). So id be up for it if i had an ally. As for knitting. BE LOUD AND PROUD! Picked up my needles at about age 6 and never put them down! I reckon its time for some increasing and decreasing... maybe even a wee bit of cable????!!

tattyhousehastings said...

H- with the greatest respect, I would rather go out to sea in Ken and Barbie's 'fun' canoe than ever sing in public, ever.
But thanks for the comments...