Thursday, 6 March 2008

Down from London

I'm currently feeling really insecure about my DFL status in town. Not sure how derogatory a term it is to us, DFL's, or how long (for ever?) I will be one. Suspect it may be until I never leave Hastings, and only speak of the town in a glowing light, sort of ignoring or brushing over any negative bits. Course, will never manage that, as have to talk about everything good and bad, so perhaps will be an eternal DFL.

The other thing that bothers me about the DFL category is it just would never happen in London. The best aspect of London for lots of Londoners, is the gathering of people from across the country and the world, who form lots of little communities where it doesn't matter where you came from, just where you are now. The opposite seems to be true outside London, it desperately matters where you come from, and how you can fit in to the existing community.
Any advice/answers to this self fulfilling state would be very much appreciated. Also any ideas on how I can stop my funny city thinking being very humourous to all locals.

And one final note, all DFL's have chosen to reside in another town, so even if settling in can be difficult, the new town is almost always a better place to be than London. I really do like Hastings a lot, the beach, the country park, the old town, the houses, Warrior new friends.


Anonymous said...

AAhh! Warrior Square/ new friends~ am i in that bit?? Listen, Re DFL status; I feel rather guilty about that as i know i have used that term with you..... Its a GOOD THING! Of all the demographics of Hastings, a DFL living in Clive Vale is a pretty good thing to be. I wouldnt mind! Its not the london bit anyway, its the mindset and "good life" you are leading! Having never lived in london (grew up in the green belt~ does that count maybe????). Bottom line = DFL= aspirational title. Its good for the Hastings to have you here.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks H, very sweet, and of course you're one of my new friends, all of which I'm very grateful to have.