Friday, 25 April 2008

I can see clearly now..

Today's a national holiday in tattyhouse, not only have we decided to take a day off playgroups, and coffee meetings, and going out our windows are being cleaned as we speak. Brian, the window cleaner is busy at work, and the children, have never ever seen windows being cleaned. Of course that makes us the most slovenly household in the street, imagine never having them cleaned!

Somehow getting a window cleaner has always seemed such a grown up and impossible task that lovely husband and I have never managed it in our five years of owning property. I think I once convinced Mat to clean the first floor windows of our London flat. Once!

The windows at the back of tattyhouse had never been cleaned I don't think, so am very excited about being able to see properly out of the guest bedroom, and bathroom. All this and a nice young man up a ladder!

Window cleaning will forever be a yearly holiday from this moment on..

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Christine said...

It does make you feel as if you have done the housework when the windows are clean doesn't it? That's it - house sorted for a week she says laughing.