Thursday, 24 April 2008

Knitted Monsters and Missing Cases

I've been busy knitting some funky monsters, to give away as presents, and possibly to sell. I've realised that a lot of my crafty makes suffer by, well being made by me, and hence have a tendency to look a touch too home-made. As a consequence I've been really really trying to get my current monster right.

Trouble is I keep knitting whilst talking, watching telly, or looking after the children. So now I've ended up with four legs, and three arms, all slightly different lengths, and with a row or two different in their red and green stripes. It's driven me so mad now, that I'm really bored with knitting them, and really sick of stripes. Apparently this is why people follow patterns/or know how to unpick stitches. There simply must be an easier way.

Then last night we had a gigantic drama, which helped distract me from knitting again.

I'm calling it the Case of the Missing Nintendo DS.

One of our students was positive his had been lost/stolen and that he had not taken it out during the day, and even worse that he'd searched his entire room and could only blame his best friend. His best friend made matters worse by having borrowed an identical model from a friend. A very big stand off in German occurred, tears, me trying to help look in their room, and finally a call to their teacher as he was so upset. Then about two hours later, the students appear in the lounge all smiles, the Nintendo was in his case all along. Hot Bratwurst!

I let off some steam by knitting again, mistake, now have more arms, tempted to just attach the blooming things, but fed up with too handmade label have given self and am aspiring to boutique level.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a monster with a ramdon number of limbs.. its just more monstery! done my first day back in the saddle today. how did it go yeaterday???