Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The danger of being a stay at home parent

..., apart from drinking too much coffee is getting involved in too many voluntary activities.

I agreed to be secretary of the nursery committee back in September time. The plan was I'd just take a few notes once a term. I did try and warn the joint treasurer's that their job would be far far harder. And it is, they've done a sterling job of setting up a system, budget and forecasting.

But all the roles are a little more than we think, we're actually trustees, we are accountable and we cannot run away if it gets a little tricky. I think we'd all like to but are committed to staying the course this year. Then running off as our youngest children hit school.

But then, we have to join the PTA. Of course, we don't have to, but as a stay at home mum, what excuse have you got not to help? And that's also more work than you think...meetings, baking, making elves and buzzing games. Not to mention generally helping and being nice. N.b. being nice is most certainly an effort, particularly for unsociable people like me, who now have to Be Nice at least twice a day, and very very Nice at School Concerts and dare I mention church carol events.

Then there is the Governor pressure, resisted by many. But someones got to do it. Not me though this time.

Plus, I seem to think I have time for voluntary work at a local arts centre/shop. Again, in theory its easy to pop in now and then. But what about sickness, and parties, and shopping (food not Bluewater). I've been doing all three things now for, well at least September and getting, on occasion very very stressed by them.

Of course maybe its just me, maybe Nice People can have a number of Roles and manage without almost losing the plot, and thinking they Have To Do It All. I'm not so sure though.

That, and keeping up with children's, family, friends birthdays, oh and making time to see distant family and friends, and um, just generally having a non-health hazard home. Plus, seeing friends, arranging children's social lives and activities, arranging family activities and just trying to spend time together.

It's no wonder I lost the plot about work, and have slipped with my ironing.

Must do less.

Must get routine together.

Must drink less coffee.

Or am I just a typical middle class moaner (albeit a poor one)?


depesando said...

run away with the nursery milk money...

tattyhousehastings said...

possibly more productive than running away with the milkman.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Have you seen the milkman here? The excitement would kill him.....