Tuesday, 20 January 2009

It is Day Four on the Idiot Proof Plan

I've successfully reached Day Four of my new diet. I'm doing the India and Nerys' Idiot Proof Diet, which in itself is similar to the Zone, and the Atkins, i.e. low carbohydrate.

It's remarkably easy to do - although hard to see how it will work. As a vegetarian in particular, and not eating beans at this stage of the diet its hard finding enough protein. So I have eaten lots of cheese, and some quorn, tofu, eggs and um, cream. The principle is that you need to eat good fat to lose fat. I understand this, but am struggling to incorporate saturated fat in to my good fat equation - like cream and butter.

But I trust in the diet so will continue. Breakfast is particularly hard though as I'm not eating any carbs, milk, fruit or yogurt at the moment. I had a boiled egg today, but strangely peanut butter and wholesome peanut butter yesterday.

Of course I haven't completely given up coffee, in the diet it must be decaff - but have decided to just reduce intake ( a bit). Again with booze, supposed to detox completely at the start, but have cheated with couple of glasses. Being very strict with other sugar though.

According to the diet I will feel pants tomorrow, unless little amendments to diets will sort me out, so steeling myself for that. I'm just writing down notes for nursery tomorrow so not a busy day.


Why Me? said...

Please don't be offended but have you been to see a doctor?

The diet you say you are using really doesn't sound balanced and to be honest it sounds like you could be doing yourself some harm.

The doctors will be able to give you a set of diet sheets and weekly support where they will focus on you being a vegitarian and therefore making sure you get a balanced diet.

The best and healthiest though also slowest and methodical way to loose weight is by counting calories in a balanced menu for each day and combining it with excercise.

Any other way may well loose you weight but is likely to also make your body out of kilter and weaker due to not get the right things. You may also have to watch out for headaches and fatigue doing it your way as well.

good luck.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thank you for your very reasoned comments - The diet isn't very balanced for the first two weeks, you are quite right. But it does recommend a raft of supplements - decent multi vitamins, fish oil (or a veggie one), chromium - pharmacist recommended this very heartily, oh and vitamin b tablets.
I know the best way is the slowest but...I think this will work, and the best bit is its very possible to do. Particularly as most of the carbs I've been eating are rubbish - white ones, and when am on next phase can eat some complex carbs.
Also guzzling water to avoid headache factor - got one today though...

Why Me? said...

Watch the water intake, too much can also be as bad as too little as you will end up flooding your system so "washing" out the needed salts and vitamins in your body.

Also if you are drinking fruit drinks but taking vitimn c tablets be careful you don't overtake them. I did that once and it wasn't pretty.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks for tip. I'm alright for fruit juice as I'm not allowed it in Stage One, so that is one less thing to worry about!

Brax said...

PURE margering contains omegas that are of the veggie kind. Not sure there would be enough for you though since you are cutting out so much but it is fat so might work well with the rest of the diet