Monday, 19 January 2009

Strong Views and Anonymity

Blimey, I had no idea people were so keen on pole dancing in all its forms, so keen in fact they'd like to be quite, well rude to be for disagreeing with them on the value of council funded and publicised sessions.

If I am honest I'm now a bit freaked out by the ruder people, who knew so many pole dancers read my blog? Or are they all the same person/group or something?

Anyway - I put myself out there with this blog, and in life generally, so I am now going to expect the same from people who comment. I'm afraid from now I'm not going to allow anonymous comments, but will absolutely welcome comments as before. Hopefully we can all stay friends through this...but if not, hey, life's too short to worry about the fact not everyone agrees on everything.

n.b. Just worked out where all the 'flamers' came from - they've come via a website called Vertical Dance - I guess a pole dancing forum, so of course they will be pro pole dancing.


depesando said...

gosh, flamers..... that takes you to a whole new level of Blog royalty, well done!!! You've arrived!!!

( I never get flamers...sulks...)

Jacqui said...

It's not that people mean to be intentionally rude. You have to understand, we (pole dancers) have been fighting for years to have pole fitness recognised as a legitimate dance form and sport. It takes strength, balance, flexibility, hard work and dedication to make it to the top of this sport, and people become very upset when they see it being referred to as unsuitable as an exercise, and compared to lap dancing.

Yes, pole dance can be seen in "gentleman's clubs", but that is a world apart from fitness pole dance, which is what the council run scheme in your original blog seemed to be promoting.

I can understand your concerns that the classes being offered by your council are unsuitable, but please, try or at least visit a pole fitness class before you make a judgement. It's more akin to gymnastics nowadays, there's little to no sexual movement, and we are certainly not selling ourselves.

As a fitness form, Pole captures the fun element that so many exercise forms are missing, and allows freedom of expression for each individual. Unlike other dance form, there is no "wrong or right" way of doing it... just a safe way. This allows the dancer to express him or herself in so many ways, from the overtly sexual, as seen in clubs, to the gymnastic and fitness, as seen in classes. Pole dancing is no longer just a sport for young women, it's for men and women of all ages.

Of course it's not going to be for everyone, but please try to be open minded when you blog about topics like this. We have fought for years for our sport to be legitimised, and it upsets us when people compare us to strippers. Pole dance is so much more than that.

Sandra Morris said...


It comes to something when you can't express your own opinion on your own blog without being vilified and hauled over the coals for it.

Mind you, I made a flippant comment about dyscalculia on my blog a while back and got a similar deluge of 'comments' on same.

Big Brother, is, most assuredly. watching think on ;-/

Anyway, remember how people used to snigger about synchronised swimming, and it's now an Olympic sport.
So weird, oddball, quasi-sports can become legitimised......

I'll get me coat.............

tattyhousehastings said...

Well, it certainly has been an experience - and will make sure I never make dodgy comments about synchronised swimming, ladies beach volleyball or brushing the ice with sticks from now on.

Brax said...

Hello Tatty

Well havent got round to much blog reading till today but have to say I agree with Sandra that you should be able to express your feelings on your own blog and if pole dancers dont like it they dont have to read it! Its a free country. I personally cannot understand how any self respecting feminist or equal woman would even consider pole dancing regardless of the fitness side and since I am in my 40s and still do gymnastics ( alright I cant tumble anymore - too old) but dont believe that being too old to do gymnastics means pole dancing is a better choice. Fair enough people can do what they like and lets face it most young women in the UK seem not to be feminist and to have no desire to be equal either so maybe thats why pole dancing as a sport is now acceptable. After all if you want to be an equal woman how can you possibly wear clothing with the Playbunny symbol on it? And even pay extra for it? Wasnt the Playbunny depiction of women what the original feminists fought against! I am with Tatty all the way where pole dancing is concerned.

Brax said...

also if you dare not even put your name to a comment how can you really stand up for something with any credibility?