Monday, 12 January 2009

Missing in Action - over Hastings

Oh Boys! A similar helicopter to this was attempting to fly over the West Hill yesterday, but it appears that windy conditions mean remote control helicopters, just like the real things can't take off.
An attempt had been made the night before to fly it in the living room, frankly scaring me as it looked like the whizzing wings would chop shreds off either my face or the lovely telly with one wrong move. Fortunately we survived the brief experiment.
However, the helicopter went for its first real flight in the garden yesterday. We'd been warned about getting it too high, 'cos then it gets caught in gusts of winds so were quite careful. Of course within minutes we had to ask our eighty plus neighbour to rescue it from her garden. So the second time it hovered over her garden, a decision was made to attempt to fly it home.
Last seen hovering about six houses away. Please accept my apologies if it scared your cats/dogs, and I'm hoping to God that it didn't break anything on landing. But if you do happen to see it...then we've still got the controller!


depesando said...

something you want to tell us....

tattyhousehastings said..., I'm a fan of wind turbines. A big fan. More likely to destroy nuclear power stations if it didn't mean they would break and leak.