Friday, 23 January 2009

Full frontal snogging

Have you seen it yet? Angus, thongs and full frontal snogging that is?

It's absolutely great - lovely acting, good old fashioned romantic storyline and a dollop of nostalgia (for those of us over thirty or something). For teens I suspect its normal life. It does have Mr Floppy Hair in - Alan Davies but he is very funny, honest!

The author; Louise Rennison is very successful in writing for teenage girls, today's Judy Blume or Sweet Valley High but even better because she's English. I'm quite jealous because we did not have an English humourous take on our teenage lives when we were that age. Although I did manage to develop a substantial addiction to Sweet Valley books, which were utter trash. A sort of Mills and Boon for teenagers.

I went directly from Sweet Valley romance books to feminist books. With nothing in between. Then fairly long phase of only reading Virago or even better Women's Press books, and refusing to read books by men. Course this was a teenage phase, but I suspect a direct result of having too much slush romance at an early age. If I'd had decent funny English teenage fiction that did not make girls out to be vacant nail polish addicts my teenage reading could well have been different. It even made me unable to study English A level because our first book was The Color Purple and I loved it so much I just could not bring myself to analyse it.

But back to Louise Rennison; she's great. And the film is even better. For Sussex people it has the additional treat of being filmed in Eastbourne. And it really does make you fancy going there; oh and snogging a few nice organic boys.


depesando said...

There was a huge pile a Virago paperbacks in the Smelly Oxfam for a while, all well thumbed and signed by the same woman - I had this sad realisation that even feminists eventually die and suffer the indignities of house clearance.

tattyhousehastings said...

Actually I know what you mean - somehow you expect some groups of people to stay young; feminists, punks, vegetarians and so on.
Can't even think about how sad house clearance's are. All those valued possessions..