Wednesday, 21 January 2009

News Flash

Curry's actually very nice without rice or naan. Just with yoghurt.

Course I'm using my friend Ang's curry recipe - basically use a jar of Patak's paste, fry onions, add paste, add tomato's, vegetables etc and some water. And you have a curry as yummy as some take away versions (does not compete obviously with best curries in world) - or Star of India in Leytonstone/East End generally. But its lovely, and much better than my previous ten years or so of cooking curry from spices.

Low carb eating is actually not that hard, breakfast still a bit of a challenge. Considered kippers but Ol talked for such a long time (is he my veggie conscience?) about their backbones/eyes etc last time he saw one I still feel ill/bad.

Course I also have a headache, and had such a craving for sugar/chocolate at about half three I had to rapidly eat half a packet of peanuts (I know - saturated fat!). I did do something sensible today and speak to a lovely nurse about the diet. She approved, with a warning to just drink enough water.

I've also 'invented' - ok, think I read it somewhere a new snack of a piece of celery spread with peanut butter. Very nice. Not pizza, but still nice.

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