Friday, 16 January 2009

Mummy, I'm tired...

Bloody gosh, we're all really tired this week. I did a lot of walking yesterday, up and down hill, up more hill, back slightly up hill from West Hill, then up and down hill again. After wearing myself out cooking dinner with three saucepans I had to go to bed. At six o'clock.

Felt much better this morning, but should have made 3 year old J join me. We're just back from coffee in the community cafe, then a morning at playgroup. She was too tired to;
  • play with her friends
  • eat fruit at snack time
  • join in with the singing
  • do Sleeping Bunnies or Jingle Jangle Scarecrow
  • walk home

So after pushing her, up the hill again we're lying on the sofa for the afternoon. Well at least for another hour, M's band are coming over to play later, so must clean, at least a bit.

And then she says;' Mummy, I didn't want to go nowhere this morning, you should have not taken me out'. (n.b she is really does speak like that - blame it on the parents). How ungrateful is that! It's not that I enjoy art at the playgroup, or chatting, or coffee, or seeing my friends. It's all for her, honest.

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