Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lovely Looe

I was reminded yesterday just how lovely Looe really is, and how much I love that part of Cornwall.

So much so that I must write my three favourite things that happened there:

  1. We got Andrew, the big penguin, who in a terribly nerdy sort of way now I think of it, was our kind of cool mascot/friend of a stuffed toy. About ten of us from Uni (yes, we skipped classes again I expect) nipped to Looe on a day trip. We put loads of money in the grabby machines and swopped ten tiny teddies for one giant Andrew. He even came ice skating with us, and is technically still on shared ownership. George - my turn!
  2. Once I went in to a pasty shop, and asked for a vegetarian pasty. They said; ' You're not from round 'ere are you?'. Luckily, I cleverly replied I was from Plymouth (rather than the snobby South East) and they told me they'd have some Tuesday week.
  3. My boyfriend at the time, and his friend motorbiked to Looe and went in to a pub. They were carrying bike helmets. The owner rushed up to them and said; 'We don't want your types in 'ere.' So they went home.

Also we bought baby Ol his first pasty in Polperro, and he sicked it up in his car seat.

Still love it though.


Brax said...

Hello Bev

Just wanted to say I am feeling very priviledged to still be in your listings. Especially since I am somewhat slack at keeping up to date with blogging. Thank you!


tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks back - and sounds like you'll have a little more time soon...

Brax said...


Not so sure I will have that much more time. Though at least I will have to have one day a week at home just to keep making stock. Its dead scary but possibly the most exciting thing I have done in ages! Are you still making monsters?

tattyhousehastings said...

No, no monsters - been really busy with the kids and stuff. Need to get some inspiration again.