Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day

A lovely snow day today! We've sledged the streets, albeit on a body board. Unfortunately I managed to snap the pulley bit off (just too fat) when it was my turn. Mended it enough to drag children around the local area. Brilliant fun!

Children have also made a big big snowman, with a carrot for a nose. Lovely M, was not so lovely, and smashed a Giant Snowball in my face. Apparently an accident as I was bending down (?). Still cross about that five hours later, but am planning to sneakily drink all the low carb beer we have, and leave him with Cheap Brandy. Feel a little mean might let him have one.

We're wondering what will happen tomorrow, will it be an Ice Day - think that would be the first one ever. Slightly confused about how that would work but am a little anxious about getting down giant hill if it turns in to a wave of ice. I guess we could fashion some ice pick walking sticks out of um, stick and kitchen knives if necessary though.

Can't wait to see what an Ice Day is like - just hope its not too scary. Used to have an ice train when I worked in Bat and Ball (Sevenoaks) - as soon as it was chilly the train could not get up the slight incline to the station due to the ice. It was often snowy when I worked in Kent come to think of it. Weird local weather.


depesando said...

Is the white background in honour of the snow?...I like it.

Sandra Morris said...

Was entertained earlier today watching a group of adults (obviously working hard 'from home')rolling the biggest snowball I've ever seen down the hill outside our house. It must have measured at least 6 feet in diameter and took them all their time to keep it under control.
Did you see the plaintive request for a sledge on Hastings Freecycle?

tattyhousehastings said...

I know how sad about the sledge...must remember to buy one next time I see one. Think they used to sell them in petrol stations, the blue ones anyway.
Richard - ashamed to admit this, but am actually rubbish on computer and can only use blogger templates so have stuck with hideous colours for ages as did not realise there was a plain one. Wish it was clever like in homage to snow.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

the kids from the council houses were sliding down the hill on bits of old board, the kids from the nicer houses on Fairlight Avenue were snowboarding whilst their parents cam-corded them