Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Poor me

I infected everyone I know (or who I've ever put in my internet address book anyway) with a virus thingy this week. Not sure what it did apart from convince people I was setting up a porn empire/website. Which I'm not. Then we've had the jolly folk at MSN chasing us - how do they know our phone number and saying we need more licences or something. Either way for £65 our computer will be bigger, better, faster and more well behaved. Course we won't be paying them, as have simply changed virus programme to one that will/should actually work. Won't it?

And even worse, I have a random foot injury from wearing cheap slippers that increased in size over the winter. and somehow my foot flapped up but not down. It's been three days now and it still hurts.

And then finally, after making friends with my dentist again at my last visit when it transpired she had tried to make my first pain free and was helping my teeth generally I'm now unhappy again. Not with her, but because I've got a under the inside of tooth infection, and have had it for ages. and the horror is if it doesn't go away (with antibiotics), then more root canal work, then finally it'll be gone. I'll have lost a tooth before the age of forty. And I'll have a bridge! I've been obviously comforted by the fact that my friend L has dentist, um., let say issues too, and I'd thought he already had one. But he hasn't - and says its the steady decline towards forty.

Anyone got any cheery news? Cats saved from trees? Free false teeth etc?


depesando said...

yes, the good news is that HMV have bought the little Zavvi in Hastings, I'm expeting them to join forces with the new Costa and Tesco metro to create a recession busting triangle of jolly commerce in priory Meadow.

Put your feet up and enjoy your incapacity.

Sandra Morris said...

Sorry.....absolutely no scrap of good news from this quarter. I am descending into a black pit of despair at the bottom of which is a rapacious monster of unimaginable cruelty and limitless imagination...a winning combination.

However, as Richard points out, HMV is coming to Hastings.

Swings and roundabouts.

tattyhousehastings said...

HMV is good news, I'm on the fence about Costa since they told me outside of customers who want it (i.e. in London) they don't stock semi-skimmed milk. Though of course now I have cream as part of new bonkers diet.
And Sandra sorry you are entering pit of despair with limitless imagination creatures in. Usually limitless imagination means good things, but imagine in this case not.
The other swing is my friend S's daughter has got in to our local school. Yay! Looking forward to lots of long (hopefully dog poo free) walks up the hill together. Oh, and of course, a great education and fun with her friends for E.