Friday, 27 February 2009

Must leave now in case anyone else offends me....

If I could write a list of the people who have made me cross this week it'd be rather on the long side - no, don't worry it is none of you! But in the interests of living in a small town, and running out of people to talk to if I'm not careful I am just going to list the issues.

  1. People who don't like people with 'nice accents' - i.e. me to use or have any benefit of community facilities. Come on, community is for everyone, and if you want proof of poverty then I can show you my bloody minus bank statement.
  2. People who are rude to shop assistants, either because they think they don't matter - are not 'middle class' enough to bother with, or perhaps were just having a bad day, but were still very rude. Yes, and I was the abeit, volunteer shop assistant.
  3. Very sociable people - just because I'm jealous really, and can't always turn on my sociability button.

Can't decide if worrying about these is a form of arrogance - or maybe just sensitivity, still it probably shows my adopted city roots, and forgotten village living.

Anyone have any other issues to add to the Bad List this week?


Sandra Morris said...

We have an ongoing, rumbling issue with HM Revenue & Customs but they're on everyone's 'Most Hated' list so they probably don't count.

tattyhousehastings said...

Hmm, that sounds like a reasonable issue - you need an more unreasonable one to be a meanie..however, nice far lovelier and saner.