Monday, 9 February 2009

Focus on my Face

I've been working on my skin for the last few days. And yes, it is work, hardly a tough day down the mines but it has needed some thinking about and has paid off. As I've got older my pores have got visible, my skin seems less, um, difficult to describe without resorting to cosmetic lady words but is less luminescence if I may use the word.

So I've done a few different things; I've had some trials of DHC system lurking about for a while to decided to use them this weekend. Weirdly they consist of olive oil, to cleanse and moisturise, plus a toner and soap less soap. Actually a four part system which is a whole two parts more than I usually use. But it is really good. The olive oil moisturiser (am imagining it is more than neat oil) made my face all glowy after use. And the three part cleansing seemed to really made it shiny and clean (although shiny never good on faces it wore off).

Then I tried an India Knight trick, oh yes, she is my new hero, from her Frugal Book. Apparently asprin contains the same ingredient as some expensive face products. So she recommends crushing three with a little water, using as a face mask, keeping on for a few minutes, then exfoliating with removal. It was quite a grainy texture, but I guess what is the point for the removal. And smelt a bit strange. But it again, was good, made me a bit glowy.

Not sure its quite as good as usual clay mask, but will experiment again, and costs about three pence. Oh, and finally I found a cheapie Tesco own non-comogenic facial moisturiser which I'm trialing. Fingers crossed it is as good as expensive ones - it has one fault already though, the bottle is remarkably unstable and wobbles over. But if that is the only problem then I'll be delighted.


Sandra Morris said...

I have decided to embrace my deep set wrinkles and wear them with pride. I subscribe to the notion of benign neglect in most things so my skin care regime consists of oilfree face wash in the shower in the morning and a cleansing/toning/moisturising all-in-one wipe in the evening but I suspect it is all in vain.
I am resigned to being 'olanpastitfacecollapsin'

tattyhousehastings said...

Good for you! And I'll probably be back to doing the same after a short lived vain episode.