Sunday, 22 February 2009

Blogging Friends and Foes

I've just come to a shocking realisation - some people might not be friends with me because I am a blogger. Not because they think blogging is a slightly bonkers, solitary activity that makes me a bit of a loser (which they might of course). But in case I blog about them.

Stupidly, I hadn't realised that when people talk to me about possibly personal things, then say, you won't blog about it will you? that they actually meant it. But of course they did, and of course having a friend who blogs, and knowing that other friends, and in fact in theory anyone else at all in the world reads it might make you worry.

So to all my lovely friends, and even foes actually - I promise I will never blog about you, ever. Unless of course we do something utterly silly together and agree we can share it. Can't think of anything likely at present - but something on the lines of getting in a lift and just standing there until the doors re-opened, then realising we should have pressed a button. (L!). And realising the tube man was watching us and laughing.

But seriously I won't. 'Cos it is my blog, and if you want to write things publicly I'm sure you will. And I'm not even sure I want to anymore anyway, but more of that another time.


depesando said...

I have to be really careful, because I teach - that I don't say anything that can be seen as 'tactless' and most of my clients read this blog too - it's a handy discipline - but sometimes I think I should just have a private blog where I can rant about people I don't like, also I have a very 'googlable' name - see the Everest Double Glazing fracas.

I suppose the problem with blogs and emails is that you don't have a 'tone of voice' - that's where emoticons come it.

tattyhousehastings said...

You do have a googable name - that is not always bad though. One of my most exciting moments a few years ago was googling myself (prior to blogging) and finding me - as well as a long distance runner that is.
Hate blooming emoticons. Somehow they remind me of dotting i's with a circle.