Monday, 16 February 2009

My five favourite things...about today

1. Lovely Ol, upon hearing Little J is making mud soup rather than getting his wellies on straightaway and joining her disappearing upstairs. To draw a round picture of soup, cut it out, draw a ball, and glue it on and draw a rather elderly looking worm and glue it on. Then to put his wellies on and suggest to his sister this is what we need to do.

2. That we've finally improved the view out of the kitchen window - I've planted some lettuce- slightly early but hopefully ok in South Coast, re-planted a lovely cheapie rose, and popped the strawberry plant on the window sill to save it from slugs.

3. Realising that attracting more birds to the garden is the way to rid ourselves of slugs, and buying a truly Blue Peter-esque bird feeder of coconut shell and fat.

4.Loving the great English drink that is cider - only of sampling quantities today, but still..its on its way.

5. Adoring spending time with my family, and having a much needed day out. Why do we leave it so long and get caught up in DIY and blooming life so much?

6. (I know not 5) but absolutely loving living the low carb way - there is no chance of me going back to white bread and pasta, unless my body is no longer my temple etc etc. My waist is back!

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Why Me? said...

Watch out with the cider it is full of both sugar and apples, which are in turn are high in carbs!