Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Staying at home activities....

Yesterday we...cleaned, re-arranged furniture in playroom and downstairs dining/play/bedroom, baked, played with the car track, dusted inside the dolls house and re-arranged their furniture, half made a cushion, did some washing, cooking, sent lots of texts, drank lots of coffee, went to play with some friends, went in the garden, played on, and finally watched some tv.

Amazing the amount of activities one can get in to an Ice Day. Still preferred Snow Day, and me and J are stuck inside today due to her getting mysterious sick bug. Which made its appearance at 6am in my bed of course.


Sandra Morris said...

You don't half pack a lot in.......and not a displacement activity in sight!
Hope J recovers soon.

tattyhousehastings said...

I like the idea of a displacement activity. Must do more of them. If reading a trashy magazine counts then I did that whilst watching telly, so not all shiny good mummy. Oh, and we watched advert telly!