Monday, 16 February 2009

Are you the f'''ing farmer?

Off for a proper lovely middle class day trip out to Middle Farm this morning. Highly tempted to break low carb diet for their as yet untried apparantly wonderful cider.

It's also been two years now since we saw the lovely lovely lambs in Wales gamboling over fields in the way of the car. We weren't chasing them on purpose, but were staying in a field, sort of so had to drive very very slowly. I suspect the pesky lambs will be some of the children's first memories as we were so taken with them. Can't wait. Although Grumpy Teenage at 5 Ol keeps wanting to know if there will be monkeys, lions, and other random zoo animals. He does this everytime we go to the Country and I seem to fall for it every time - spending ages earnestly describing the natural homes of all animals.

Outwitted again.


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tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks for the tip.